The average college graduate leaves school with student loans and the pay back start date comes quickly. Be sure you understand the terms of your loans and talk with the financial institution about your options.

Credit card companies will likely be sending you offers for their cards. Carefully read the terms of their offers to understand what might change after the introductory period. Taking credit card advances, going over your credit limit or not making the required minimum payments on time both add up to increased fees, penalties and interest. Ideally, you do not want to charge any more to a credit card than you can pay off in full every month.

Time to invest in a better car? It is not all about the monthly car payment. It is important to think about how long you will keep the car, how many miles you expect to drive each year, how much of a down payment can you afford, what will the insurance cost, what is the expected mileage? All of these factors, including the interest rate on a car loan, impact what the total cost of your car will be. Should you lease your car or buy? Check out our financial tools calculators.