Market Volatility

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May 06, 2022

Dear Clients and Friends of World Trend Financial and Terry Lockridge & Dunn

Tory MeiborgGiven the recent market volatility, we want to take this opportunity to provide our perspective.

Since the beginning of the year, markets have faced stiff headwinds - persistently high inflation, questions on how the Federal Reserve might respond, slowing global growth, the ongoing war in Ukraine, emergence of new strains of the Coronavirus, and bottlenecks in the global supply chain are the major themes. The pullback we have experienced in equity markets reflects this uncertainty and negative sentiment.

In times like this, your resolve as an investor is tested. Those we have worked with in the past know we do not have a crystal ball. Instead, it is our job to help our clients stay focused and disciplined with their financial plan. We refuse to let excess optimism or pessimism guide our decisions. Just as guardrails can keep you from reaching into riskier assets in times of strong performance, these same philosophies can help us avoid emotional sell decisions that can sidetrack you from your long-term goals.

You may be recently asking yourself a number of questions: Are we at a market bottom? Should I stay invested in equities? What will rising interest rates do to my investments? How do I combat inflation? Can I still retire? What moves should I be making with my portfolio? Should I sell my home? Should I purchase a new home in this wild market?

All of these are great questions and ones that should be carefully considered. We are here to help guide you through uncertain times like this and to help provide clarity and discipline to your specific financial situation. We will continue to approach each plan with a long-term view, not allowing day-to-day market movements to alter that plan. While market volatility can understandably cause investors angst, we encourage you to adopt a similar approach.

We are grateful and humbled by the trust you place in us. We welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss your financial plan and any concerns you may have.


Tory Meiborg, President

World Trend Financial