Updates to our office procedures due to COVID-19

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Mar 25, 2020

In Iowa City, the outside doors into the building will be open during normal business hours. The glass doors into our offices will be locked at all times. There will be a phone number posted on the door that can be called and it will ring to a person that is in the office. They will be able to open the door, without touching anything, so you can drop off your materials into the designated box. You will not be allowed into the office.

In Cedar Rapids, the glass doors to the office may be locked during the noon – 1 pm hour due to limited staffing. Please drop off materials at other times.

There is no pickup of materials at either office at this time. All items will be mailed to you.

Many of our staff is working remotely; however, phone and email continue to be excellent methods to reach them. No in person appointments are permitted.

Thank you for your cooperation during these very challenging times. Please stay healthy!