Announcement of Patty Davidson's Retirement at End of 2018

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Nov 01, 2018

By Tim Terry, Founder of Terry Lockridge & Dunn and World Trend Financial

In 1987, I decided it was time to hire an additional member of the team. A friend strongly recommended a young lady named Patty Davidson. I hired her on the spot. Looking back, I had no idea what an important decision I was making that day.

Thirty-one years later, I am both saddened and thrilled to announce her retirement. While she has been instrumental in the success of both World Trend Financial and Terry, Lockridge & Dunn; her enduring contribution to me has been beyond measure.

We hear the term grit used as a descriptive for many people. It is overused. However, in the case of Patty, it is appropriate. She has consistently demonstrated she possesses the right stuff.

This is reflected in her work ethic and integrity. Her clients recognize they not only have an informed advocate, but also one who truly is invested in their financial and personal well-being.

We have been incredibly fortunate to have Patty as a friend and leader. While we will miss her presence in the office, I know her friendship will never go away.

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